Winners 2016 of Prix de Lausanne

The jury was made up of 9 internationally renowned dance professionals, chaired by Mr Julio Bocca, former Principal of American Ballet Theatre, New York and director of the Ballet Nacional Sodre, Uruguay.  Congratulations to all winners. They did a great job.

The 7 Prix de Lausanne 2016 prize winners are:

adveq 126 Hang YU, 16 years old, China


Beau-Rivage Palace 307 Madison YOUNG, 17 years old, USA

fondation_AAmon 412 Vincenzo DI PRIMO, 18 years old, Italy

OAK Fundation 206 Leroy MOKGATLE, 16 years old, South Africa

Fondation Coromandel314 Laura FERNANDEZ, 18 years old, Switzerland

Harlequin205 Junnosuke NAKAMURA, 16 years old, Japan


fondation_du_pdl_logo  211 Dingkai BAI, 16 years old, China


Contemporary dance prize


314 Laura FERNANDEZ, 18 years old, Switzerland AND 412 Vincenzo DI PRIMO, 18 years old, Italy


Best Swiss Candidates


314 Laura FERNANDEZ, 18 years old, Switzerland


Audience favourite


206 Leroy MOKGATLE, 16 years old, South Africa


Prix Jeune Espoir


107 Danbi KIM, 15 years old, South Korea


Notes to Editors:

The Prix de Lausanne is an international ballet competition that aims to provide a springboard for talented dancers. The Prix offers scholarships and apprenticeships with the world’s finest schools and companies. From the very beginning, a commitment to the health, education and well-being of young dancers has been fundamental to the Prix’s underlying philosophy.

Through its scholarships and apprenticeships, offered in partnership with the most eminent professional ballet schools and ballet companies around the world, the Prix de Lausanne provides a unique and invaluable stepping stone for young talent. Over the 44 years of its history, 403 dancers have benefited from the opportunities of the Prix on their way to a successful career in dance.

The competition takes place annually, during the last week of January or the first of February, at the Theatre de Beaulieu, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Each year, six to eight prize winners are offered one year scholarships from a choice of 33 Partner Schools or apprenticeships at a choice of 33 Partner Companies. Candidates who are not selected to take part in the finals participate in a Networking Forum, during which they meet many directors of Partner Schools and Companies. Since it has been established in 2005, 203 dancers have taken up places at schools and companies thanks to the Networking Forum.

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I danced ballet as child, albeit with little success. Despite this, my passion for ballet and dance has carried into adulthood. I still love to watch ballet performances and would love to share my passion with you.

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