Endlich! NOTHING LEFT am Tanzfestival Steps

Tanz kann den Trauerprozess fühlbar machen

Nach 3 Absagen findet endlich die Tournee von NOTHING LEFT statt, choreografiert von Tabea Martin. Auftakt in Basel am 12. und 13. Juni 2021!


Die Basler Choreografin Tabea Martin beschäftigt sich in ihrer Trilogie („This is my last dance“ 2018 und „Forever“ 2019) mit dem Tod. Das dritte Stück NOTHING LEFT sollte im Rahmen einer Koproduktion mit dem Migros-Kulturprozent Tanzfestival Steps und dem Veranstalternetzwerk Expédition Suisse am 25.4.2020 in der Kaserne Basel uraufgeführt werden, musste aber abgesagt werden.

Wie würden Sie sich als Choreografin beschreiben?

Ich bin neugierig. Ich bin ein Teamplayer, der den Austausch mit den Tänzern und dem Team sucht. Ich schätze Humor und Absurdität d.h. ich will nicht alles zu ernst nehmen und mich selbst relativieren. Mich interessieren gesellschaftlich relevante Themen. Ich nutze die Möglichkeit zu fragen und kritisch zu sein.

2018 THIS IS MY LAST DANCE Tabea Martin & Simona Bertozzi – Short Trailer from Tabea Martin on Vimeo. Erster Teil der Trilogie von Tabea Martin
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Most Physically Demanding Job

Dance is #1 on this study

Ballet and Dance Lovers know how hard dancers have to work every single day to stay in shape. But I was really astonished when I saw this article in the Dance magazine written by Madeline Schrock on Jan 24, 2020 (Source: https://www.dancemagazine.com/most-physically-demanding-jobs-2644898194.html?rebelltitem=2#rebelltitem2)

Dance Ranked Most Physically Demanding Job in the U.S.

Dancers certainly don’t need anyone to tell them how physical their profession is. But now, we have the data to prove it.

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Meet the Ballet Pianist Mladen Dabizljevic

Interview with Mladen, Composer, performer and interpreter

What does a ballet pianist do? 

The ballet pianist’s job consists of playing the piano for ballet classes, that is to say accompanying the dancers in their daily workout and rehearsals in the ballet studio and on stage. Furthermore it is the key figure assisting the choreographer in the creative process from the musical point of view.

Gala evening with dancers from La Scala theater 
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Why Are Some Stages Raked?

A blessing for the audience, NOT for the dancers

A raked (or inclined) theatre stage is built on an angle that slopes upward and away from the front the stage, away from the audience. It improves the view, supports the illusion and help make choreographic designs clear. Raked stages are nowadays usually with a rake of 5 degrees or less. There are far more common today in Europe, with its deep theatrical traditions in the Middle ages. Almost all American stages have flat floors, except the Philadelphia Academy of Music and a few Broadway productions f.e. the version of the musical Billy Elliot.

Visiting professional dancers have been known to experience vertigo when they first set foot on raked stages. Balance is completely different. It takes a good deal of adjustment during the first few days on a raked stage, especially when turning. Even the risk of injury increases by three times for dancers on raked stages.

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Hooray – Live Premiere of Ballet Zurich

Walking Mad – Choreographies by Edward Clug and Johan Inger

For a reduced audience of 50 people due to covid regulations in Switzerland, a special program has been developed. This two-part ballet evening WALKING MAD already premiered on 1 May, next performances on 21 ans 22 May – no way to get a ticket!

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