Zauberhafte Fotos von Dietmar Scherf

Bis „Schwanensee“ wieder live zu sehen ist, bringt der Wandkalender „Zauberhaftes Ballett“ 2021 schon jetzt Vorfreude ins Haus. Die zwölf Motive im Großformat zeigen berühmte Ensembles des Klassischen Balletts wie das St. Petersburg Festival-Ballett und das Staatliche Russische Ballett Moskau auf der Bühne und hinter den Kulissen.

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What Dance Can Do – Bring Dance to Children

Dance changes lives. We have seen it happen!

Interview with Aurélia Sellier, Founder and President of „The What Dance Can Do Project“.

Tell me about „The What Dance Can Do Project“.

We fund dance programs and events for children and young adults made vulnerable by illness, poverty or exile. We also aim to celebrate the power of dance by sharing the stories of dancers, and encourage the work of people who use their art to make the world a better place.

I founded this international Switzerland-based non-profit organization in 2018. It’s run by a team of volunteers, based in Zurich, Paris, Brussels and Wellington. Our first destination was the township of Gugulethu near Cape Town, where we collected stories of the teacher, dancer and social entrepreneur Theo NDindwa and his students and made photographs. Photography is an important medium for us, and we had our work, text by me and images by the photographer Selina Meier exhibited in Copenhagen thanks to The Royal Danish Ballet.

Help us and bring dance to children – Introduction by Selina Meier and Aurélia Sellier
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A Force of Nature: Natalia

An Outstanding portrait of Natalia Osipova

Get a close insight into Natalia’s career as one of the greatest prima ballerinas. Learn more about her work as a principal dancer of the Royal Ballet and her contemporary dance projects with some of the world’s greatest choreographers. Watch the rehearsal process of new ballet Mother by Arthur Pita, a new commission with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and the Royal Ballet’s legendary production of La Bayadere directed by Natalia Makarova.

It’s amazing how hard Natalia works on all choreographies she dances – both on a technical and emotional level. Even the superstars of the ballet world have to rehearse and re-rehearse every ballet, even the ones they have already performed, getting corrections from their ballet masters as they aim for perfection.

Asterisk Films
An in-depth portrait of dance superstar Natalia Osipova, directed by BAFTA winning Gerry Fox, produced by Justine Waddell, Alexandrina Markvo and Gerry Fox in association with Sky Arts.
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Fallen – A Dance Performance

Tanz und Video als Auseinandersetzung mit der Vergangenheit, gegenwart und Zukunft

Im Rahmen von #ZeitsprungIndustrie Baden findet diese Live-Performance mit 5 Tänzerinnen am 3. und 4. September 2020 in der alten Metallgiesserei in Rieden statt. Bitte reservieren!

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A Beach in a Box – Opera Performance at Theater Spektakel


What is happening at the beach? Listen to holidaymakers singing about their experiences and their lives.

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Ballet Zurich – Company of the Year

Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern – Production of the Year

Congratulations to Ballet Zürich and Christian Spuck

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Betroffenheit by Crystal Pite 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

watch this outstanding work on Marquee.TV

It’s one of the best choreographies I’ve seen. As many of you know, I really love the contemporary works of Crystal Pite, an outstanding female choreographer who works internationally with the best companies.

DIRECTOR Crystal Pite, Jonathon Young, Jeff Tudor
STARRING Kidd Pivot, Electric Company Theatre, Bryan Arias, David Raymond, Cindy Salgado, Jermaine Spivey, Tiffany Tregarthen, Jonathon Young

Betroffenheit is a riveting, tender-hearted exploration of loss, isolation and survival in the aftermath of a life-altering tragedy. This dance-theatre hybrid has been acclaimed as the „best dance show of the 21st century“ by The Guardian and won the 2017 Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production. Jonathon Young was also deservedly awarded Outstanding Performance in Modern Dance at the Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards. Five astonishing performers create the mindscape of Young’s tormented central character as he moves from despair towards the hope of recovery. Written by Young and choreographed by Crystal Pite, the result is a genre-defying piece of dance theatre that has stunned critics and audiences worldwide. Betroffenheit was recorded during its sold-out performances at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, in April 2017. This sensitive performance capture was directed for the screen by Jeff Tudor, winning the Rose d’Or (Arts) and Golden Prague (Performing Arts) awards 2018. (source: Marquee.TV)

Foto on Top © Marquee.TV

The Art of Pas de Deux

What are the challenges of a classical Pas de Deux?

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Wie geht Theater/Ballett in Zeiten von Corona?

Zürcher Theater Spektakel macht Forsythe’s Choreografie mobil

Die interaktive Videoinstallation «City of Abstracts 2020» des Starchoreografen William Forsythe ist unterwegs von Schwamendingen bis Altstetten und von Höngg bis Wollishofen. Wo wird jeweils um 14 Uhr angekündigt im Festival News on Demand. Unbedingt den Newsletter abonnieren!

Hier ein Einblick in „City of Abstracts“

Das Programm des diesjährigen Theater Spektakels schafft viele neue Formate wie Hörspiele im öffentlichen Raum, Theater auf einem Schiff, Live-Telefon-Performances und Collective Listening auf der Picknickdecke.

Schaut mal rein. Es wird spannend…….

Beitragsbild © Marcella Winograd


NOW To Stream on Disney Plus

While I am dearly missing live ballet and dance performances in these times of corona, fortunately there are plenty of streaming offers around. Now I discovered this terrific Musical HAMILTON on Disney+. I am going to order a monthly plan to watch it. My recommendations: Turn on the captions to catch every lyric in this amazing rap battle. It’s worth it.