„Dance is Movement Refined to Communicate“

Friedemann Vogel’s message for International Dance Day 2021

Friedemann Vogel’s Message for International Dance Day on April 29th, 2021
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„EINE COMPAGNIE IST WIE EINE PRALINENSCHACHTEL“ – 20 Jahre Ballettdirektor Richard Wherlock am Theater Basel

Interview mit szenik und balletloversblog

Anlässlich seines Jubiläums haben sich szenik und der Ballettloversblog mit dem Choreografen und Basler Tanzdirektoren Richard Wherlock unterhalten. Ein Interview über seine unendliche Liebe zum Tanz, die Entwicklung seiner Ziele, die Auswahl der TänzerInnen und das Basler Publikum. Wir sagen: Alles Gute zum Jubiläum und auf die nächsten 20 Jahre!

Theater Basel: 20 Jahre Richard Wherlock I szenik am 15.04.2021
Interview: j. lippmann & e. hock am 23.03.2021, Visiokonferenz Schnitt: j. lippmann ///
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16 Amazing New Creations by Gauthier Dance

Eric Gauthier refuses to stand still

What an outstanding project created by Eric Gauthier! „The Dying Swan“ revisited in 16 new creations: 16 solos by 16 choreographers from all over the world, danced by the 16 dancers of Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart, with music by 16 componists, captured by 16 video artists: This is „The Dying Swans Project“.

How the project started

The initial spark for Eric Gauthier’s Dying Swan’s Project was ignited when Gauthier Dance’s extensive tour program in February and March fell victim to the extended lockdown. Eric Gauthier saw the increasing discouragement in the eyes of his dancers and he realized that he had to do something about it. His “dying swans” needed a new artistic challenge and so The Dying Swans Project was born! Small at first, but it was to get better. A few days later, Gauthier, himself a member of the “be a mover” community, was invited to a talk with Jörg Howe, Head of Global Communication at Daimler AG. When he shared his dream, Howe spontaneously offered him support.

Watch all terrific 16 choreographies here – coming consecutively!

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Becoming A Different Person On Stage

Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre James B. Whiteside

Learn more about incredible multi-talented James B. Whiteside who says „Ballet is dam hard“.

James Whiteside gives us a look inside the life of a professional ballet dancer. By In The Know on 25.02.2020
Meet James B. Whiteside, a professional ballet dancer, musical artist, drag queen, and so much more. Learn about his many dimensions and the state of modern ballet in this episode of In the Know Profiles.
Swan Lake – Isabella Boylston & James Whiteside on 08.10.2020 by the Cindies
ABT principal dancers Isabella Boylston & James Whiteside dance the „White Swan pas de deux“ from Swan Lake.
Ballet god James B. Whiteside serves up a raw dance performance by NOWNESS on 02.07.2020
Innovative vision, relentless passion, and four years of shooting and editing led to the creation of a cinematic exploration of dance from filmmaker and photographer Pasha (known as YOPOOSH). Death of a Teen Idol, as performed by American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside, forms part of the director’s wider Hotel Armada project, which captures the artistry of vogue, ballet and contemporary styles through energetic profiles of seventeen dancers…

CV by jamesbwhiteside.com


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