Dokumentarfilm: Das Stuttgarter Ballettwunder

Wie wurde das Stuttgarter Ballett Weltspitze?

„Entweder tot oder gross in New York“

Als der südafrikanische Choreograf John Cranko 1961 in Stuttgart Ballettdirektor wurde, begann der Aufstieg des Stuttgarter Balletts. Mit seinem sicheren Gespür für Talente engagierte Cranko erstklassige Tänzerinnen und Tänzer wie Egon Madsen, Richard Cragun, Birgit Keil, Susanne Hanke und allen voran Marcia Haydée. Seine abendfüllenden Handlungsballette begeisterten Publikum und Kritiker gleichermassen. Cranko gilt als genialer Erneuerer des klassischen Balletts.

Mit seinen beiden gefeierten Choreografien „Romeo und Julia„und „Onegin“ ging die Kompagnie 1969 auf die erste USA-Tournee – ein grosses Risiko für das damalige unbekannte Stuttgarter Ballett. „Entweder tot oder gross“kommentierte Cranko seine Chancen, vor dem anspruchsvollen New Yorker Publikum zu bestehen. Bereits die Premiere wurde ein voller Erfolg. Alle weiteren Vorstellungen waren total ausverkauft. Seitdem spielt das Stuttgarter Ballet in der ersten Ballett-Liga mit.

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I Jumped into Every Project I Could Think of.

How dancers motivate themselves in the time of covid-19.

I’m creating a small series for my blog to give my favourite dancers the opportunity to talk about their experiences, motivation and daily routines nowadays. As you all know, it must be so tough for dancers to train hard every single day in isolation and stay in top shape, not knowing when the next performance is going to be.

Statement of Ksenia Ovsyanick, principal BALLERINA with StaatsballetT Berlin

„I found that the biggest shock for me was that suddenly for us as artists the ground was taken out of under our feet. Without being able to perform we can not share our work, we can not inspire with our work the way we normally do anymore. And that desire to stay creative and relevant was my main motivation to look for all the new ways I could still be an artist. I jumped into every project I could think of.

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Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things

Maybe tiny….but not so pretty?

Long winter nights and lockdown are the perfect excuses to binge on some addictive TV. And for all dance lovers, Netflix’s new drama ‚Tiny Pretty Things‘ is just the treat we’ve all been waiting for!
This new 10 episode drama depicts the daily life of ballet students at an elite ballet academy in Chicago and is based on the book series of the same name, by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

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5th Anniversary of

Thank you All

Thanks to all these amazing people I’ve met in the ballet world. It’s such a pleasure to get insights of this hidden world. I want to show you how grateful I really am for all love and support.

I want to thank all ballet lovers who shared my passion of ballet and dance. I have always loved to hear from you. You inspire me!