Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things

Maybe tiny….but not so pretty?

Long winter nights and lockdown are the perfect excuses to binge on some addictive TV. And for all dance lovers, Netflix’s new drama ‚Tiny Pretty Things‘ is just the treat we’ve all been waiting for!
This new 10 episode drama depicts the daily life of ballet students at an elite ballet academy in Chicago and is based on the book series of the same name, by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

But as you would expect in any TV drama – this dance school is anything but ordinary. Get ready for a school full of harassment, eating disorders, backstabbing, pill addictions and of course an over demanding choreographer! Throw in an unsolved crime, ballet ‘mummies‘, broken hearts, inappropriate affairs and it all adds up to some great viewing. 

For any dance lover, ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ is a great chance to learn more about the daily routine of a ballet school. Even if morning class in this school seems less like school and more like a nightmare – with its competitive atmosphere, cruel teachers and endless demanding dance routines. In this school, the students never feel that they can really make the grade. 

The main characters: Neveah played by Kylie Jefferson and Oren played by Barton Cowperthwaite

Neveah, one of the lead characters sums up the mood perfectly: 

„Always something hurts. Somewhere on your body, there’s pain – an ache that comes from pushing beyond what any person was ever meant to do.

Aside from the obvious cliches, there are some fantastic dancing scenes in the series, from hiphop to classical ballet. Most of the main characters are professional dancers – Michael Hsu Rosen, a New Yorker who plays Frenchman Nabil, has been starring on Broadway since he was 17. Daniela Norman, as June , trained with the English National Ballet and appeared in the West End production of An American in Paris.

Link to Netflix

In German it’s called : Dein letztes Solo


Autor: ballettlovers

I danced ballet as child, albeit with little success. Despite this, my passion for ballet and dance has carried into adulthood. I still love to watch ballet performances and would love to share my passion with you.

2 Kommentare zu „Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things“

  1. Hello misterI was in your spin class in zurich and i fell in love with you and your music and your awesome moves.Ok serious question , you are the perfect person to ask. I love ballet. I love theatre and musicals. I want to gift a bunch of friends with seeing ballet show online. What can you recommend me? The point is for me to purchase the show / online tickets for an online show/ and for different friends to watch the show – I don’t mind paying multiple tickets. Any thoughts? Thank you!!!!!D


    1. Great to meet such a passionate person. There are many online shows around right now. I love all online performances of the Royal Ballet London, Stuttgarter Ballet, Zürich Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Bolschoi Ballet and more…….- some are for free, some to rent. I recommend to see my Facebook Account Evi Hock where I share events I love almost every day.
      By the way: I don’t give spin classes – I am the editor of this blog.
      So I wish you a lot of fun watching ballet online with all your friends!


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