TOP 15 Greatest Dance Movies

What is your favorite dance movie?

Dance Movies are always fun. Thinking of my favorite ones it is very difficult to say which I like the most. There are so many kinds of Dance Movies around, from the classical masterpiece with Gene Kelly „Singing in the Rain“, some sweet 80s dance movies like „Flashdance“, to the more modern street dancing movies like the Step up street dance battle.

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How pointe shoes are made

The secret inside of pointe shoes    

No, they are not made out of wood, and there is no steel in the flat tip! The tip is made of densely packed layers of fabric, cardboard and/or paper hardened by glue. Being extremely sturdy makes it possible to balance the entire weight of the ballerina’s body on a small platform. The rest of the shoe consist of materials such as leather, cotton and satin. The right and the left shoe are identical.

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Behind the scenes im CIRQUE DE SOLEIL

Zauberhafte Meisterleitungen der Artisten

Cirque de Soleil ist kein normaler Zirkus. Die Show TOTEM nimmt uns Zuschauer mit auf eine Fantasiereise durch die Geschichte der Evolution und lässt uns den Alltag für gut zwei Stunden vergessen.

Heute ist Premiere im Hardturm Areal Zürich. In 48 Vorstellungen – bis zum 14. Oktober -präsentieren 46 Weltklasse-Artisten eine Show der Superlative.

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