Disney’s Nussknacker und die 4 Reiche

Zuviel Zuckerguss und zu wenig Ballett!

Wochenlang habe ich mich auf den neuen Disney-Film, eine Neuinterpretation des berühmtesten Weihnachtsballetts NUSSKNACKER, gefreut. Als Primaballerina wurde die fantastische Misty Copeland vom American Ballet Theater angekündigt, als Partner der berühmt berüchtigte Sergei Polunin. Ein wirklich vielversprechende Projekt!

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TOP 10 Best Principal Dancers

Who are my favourite male dancers?

My friends often ask me about my favourite male dancers. As I have been a ballet lover for decades, it is very difficult to answer this question, given the amount of dancers I have seen perform. All dancers have different strengths and weaknesses; Rudolf Nurejev, for example, while a presence onstage and reknowned as the best dancer of the 20th century, would not be considered extremely talented by todays standards. I will also not be mentioning excellent male dancers who have passed their prime, such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Vladimir Malakhov.

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MY TOP 5 romantic Pas de Deuxs

What a tragedy? All great love stories end in death. The greatest love stories of my choice are ROMEO & JULIET, GISELLE, ONEGIN, LADY OF THE CAMMELLIAS and ANNA KARENINA.

Foto shot by Kristian Schuller, styling and dress by Peggy Schuller

Le’ts enjoy Valentine’s Day and watch 5 Pas de Deuxs of my favourites.


Romeo & Juliet on and off-stage

Romance and ballet have always gone together

It seems quite normal that dancers date each other because they are rehearsing intensively and hard together every day. Living in a specialized world and sharing passion brings them together. Here are some famous dancer couples:

Lucia Lacarra Marlon Dino


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Recommendation during the summer break

Hi Ballet Lovers

Most of the ballet companies will be having a summer break in July and August. I wish all dancers a great time!

My next post will be in September after the break. Looking very much forward to the new season 16/17.

I recommend for enthusiastic ballet lovers the dance events at Edinburgh International Festival from 5. August to 29. August.

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Stunning Kristina Shapran & Sergei Polunin

Please excuse me: My last post didn’t work on all computers. I hope this one will do!

Enjoy this beautiful video. Wait a bit until it starts!

Have a great long weekend!


On July 2013 George Harvey and Garage Magazine invited ballet dancers Sergei Polunin and Kristina Shapran to create an unrehearsed improvisation to Satie’s Gnossienne No1.

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Ballet Star Sergei Polunin: Intimate Prodigy

The James Dean of the Ballet WorldSergei Polunin was decribed by Daily Telegraph in 2012. He quit the Royal Ballet in London sensationally and stopped his golden carreer by himself. Enjoy to see him dancing in „Take me to church“, by Hozier, directed by David LaChapelle.


Article in the guardian from February 2015 von Judith Mackrell

Sergei Polunin dances with his demons to Hozier’s Take Me to Church
David LaChapelle captures the Ukrainian dancer’s battle to make peace with his talent – and in another viral video, Baryshnikov partners Lil Buck

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