Nur wenige Ballerinen erhielten diese Auszeichnung

Die allerbesten Balletttänzerinnen ihrer Zeit wurden mit dem Titel „Primaballerina Assoluta“ geehrt. Hier stelle ich die bedeutendsten Superstars der Ballettwelt vor.

Pierino Legnani 1863 – 1930

Pierina Legnani, photographed during her London tour on the 15th September 1891 – written on the photo is “Signorina Pierina Legnani, Première Danseuse Assoluta”

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Who are the 5 richest Ballet Dancers?

The 5 Richest Ballet Dancers in the world*

The world of ballet is full of dancers who dream of making a living from their passion for the art form. But in truth, professional ballet dancing is a cut-throat industry where less than perfection is rarely tolerated. The odds of actually “making it” in the ballet industry with a major dance company such as the New York City Ballet or the Bolshoi Ballet are very slim.

When a dancer first joins a company, they form part of a group called the Corps de Ballet. The industry is notoriously underpaid, with the majority of dancers working long hours for very little financial reward. Payscale cites the average ballet dancer’s salary as a tiny $15,080 – $26,419. Midlevel dancers, often soloists, could earn as much as $50,000-$58,000 a year.

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