What Dance Can Do? Bring Dance To Children!

Dance changes lives. We have seen it happen.

Interview with Aurélia Sellier, Founder and President of „The What Dance Can Do Project“ in September 2020.

I just wanted to give you a quick update for 2021 as COVID did not totally stop this non-profit organization although some projects obviously had to be put on hold. New activities happened last year in New Zealand (primary school), Morocco (orphanage), Paris (hospital Necker and young migrants). 
This year THE WHAT DANCE CAN DO PROJECT started weekly ballet classes for underprivileged children in Tunis Tunisia. Also they will launch in June a partnership with a new hospital in Paris, George Pompidou. In Fall Aurélia Sellier hopes to be able to resume her work with Kinderspital in Zurich, a hospital in Bruxelles and hopefully start projects in the UK, perhaps with the Royal Ballet in London.  This organization was recognized of public interest in Switzerland (all donations are deductible) and now is in the process of registering in France and New Zealand.

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