Watch the world’s top ballet companies

11.00am to 3.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time

“World Ballet Day is a moment to open the studio doors of The Australian Ballet and share the intimate work our dancers exert on a daily basis. Before any show, is hours of rehearsal, and World Ballet Day is the chance to see the beauty of ballet, expressed right before you in the most up close of ways.”

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A Ballerina’s Daily Life

A Ballet Dancer’s Schedule

What is Ballet like? When Ballet Lovers think of Ballet, they envision a beautiful ballerina with a white tutu dancing effortlessly in her pointe shoes. BUT this is only a small part of a ballerina’s life. The work they do behind the scenes to perform so effortlessly on stage is tremendous.

So how does a typical day play out? 

Most dancers arrive at the dance studio at 9.30am to start a full day of dance and movement. Great performance demands stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination – and that only comes with incredibly long hours in the studio – day in day out. 

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