HOMAGE TO BALLET for every ballet lover in Switzerland

Interview with Sarah-Jane Brodbeck and Katharina Lips

You both just founded the company Brodbeck & Lips in July 2022 to give the classical ballet a non-institutionalized platform in Switzerland and to bring international ballet stars to Zurich. Tell us more about your vision?

We want to enable international ballet stars to bring their joy of dancing in ballet galas to Switzerland.

As we have a deep respect and passion for this artform, we wanted to create something new for Zurich. Many big cities all over the world curate ballet galas – why not Zurich as well?! Instead of traveling to Berlin, London or Paris, world-class ballet stars come to our small metropole in order to enchant the audience. Especially after the last two corona years, which have been challenging to many dancers and their audience, we want to create an evening of pure enjoyment and delight. 

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