Eine Gala für die Herzen

Polina & Friends an der Staatsoper unter den Linden

Ballett-Gala der Primaballerina assoluta Polina Semionova

Die Berliner Ballettfans liegen der international gefeierten Primaballerina zu Füssen. Polinas Ballett-Gala war schnell ausverkauft – obwohl weder Programm noch Gaststars vorab angekündigt wurden.

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TOP 10 Best Primaballerinas

Who is my favorite ballerina?

My friends often ask me about my favourite ballerina. As I have been a ballet lover for decades, it is quite difficult to answer this question, given the amount of ballerinas I have seen perform. All dancers have different strengths and weaknesses; Rudolf Nurejew, for example, while a presence onstage and reknowned as the best dancer of the 20th century, would not be considered extremely talented by todays standards. I will also not be mentioning excellent prima ballerinas who have passed their prime, such as Sylvie Gulliem and Darcy Bursell.

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