Learning by Trying – A Dancer’s Route to Choreography

Interview with Valentino Zucchetti, Royal Ballet London

How did you start your choreographic career? How do you learn to choreograph a dance? What skills do you need? Where do you seek inspiration before you start working on a piece of choreography?

Valentino Zucchetti is not just a First Soloist in Royal Ballet London, he is also a choreographer. He recently won best Cinematography as well as the second place prize for Choreography in THE SUN IS GOD at the Utah Dance Festival in 2019.

Watch the interview below to learn more his experience in choreographing.

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Congratulations to the Sydney Dance Company for 50 great years of performances!

To celebrate, a great anniversary program is on offer!

If you are in Sydney, be sure to catch the triple bill with 2 World premieres by Rafael Bonachela and Gabrielle Nankivell.
The National Tour of this amazing company starts on 26 March and runs until 17 August. As one of the best contemporary companies in the world, you won’t be disappointed!

More information, http://www.sydneydancecompany.com

As you all know, I am a huge fan of this company. Having seen the Sydney Dance company in Sydney and Zurich, I was attracted by the diversity of their choreographies and the high standard of the company. I was lucky to meet Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director in Zurich to get a deep insight of his work.

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