TOP 10 Best Principal Dancers

Who are my favourite male dancers?

My friends often ask me about my favourite male dancers. As I have been a ballet lover for decades, it is very difficult to answer this question, given the amount of dancers I have seen perform. All dancers have different strengths and weaknesses; Rudolf Nurejev, for example, while a presence onstage and reknowned as the best dancer of the 20th century, would not be considered extremely talented by todays standards. I will also not be mentioning excellent male dancers who have passed their prime, such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Vladimir Malakhov.

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Wer tanzt die Giselle? Welche Primaballerina?

Meine erste Frage ist immer “Wer tanzt die Hauptrolle?”, bevor ich Tickets für eine Ballettaufführung kaufe. Ich habe meine persönlichen Vorlieben, bin aber immer offen für vielversprechende Neuentdeckungen. Am Beispiel des Klassikers Giselle möchte ich bestimmte Besetzungen diskutieren.

Youtube Beitrag über Polina Semionova vom Staatsballett Berlin

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