How do you write down a dance?

Interview with Birgit Deharde, a freelance Choreologist and expert in Benesh Movement Notation

Why do we need Movement Notation?

Similar to music, dance needs to be written down, but unlike music, dance is a fleeting art. It has taken until the 20th century to find a tool to record dance notations and preserve these choreographies. It was Rudolf Benesh who created a tool for human movement notations in 1955 and defined choreology as „The aesthetic and scientific study of all forms of human movement by movement notation“.

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Dance Festivals in der Sommerpause

Ballett – und Tanz Highlights im Sommer 2017

Ab Anfang Juli schliessen die meisten Opernhäuser und machen Sommerpause  – meist bis Anfang September. Das ist eine harte Zeit für Ballettliebhaber. Aber es gibt einige Highlights, die ich Euch gerne vorstellen möchte.

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Back to the barre, Tara!

Premier of Dance Academy: The Movie on 6. April 2017

I can’t wait to watch this movie – though being over 20, I probably shouldn’t be this passionate for an Australian teen drama about love, relationships and careers. But there are two understandable reasons: I love Sydney, so I enjoy the setting and scenery of Walsh Bay, Harbour Bridge and the beaches. Secondly, I adore the dance scenes which feature all the highlights of classical ballet and comtemporary dance.

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Life itself inspires all my work

Interview with Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company by Evi Hock, creator of

Sydney Dance Company is coming to STEPS DANCE FESTIVAL in Switzerland

When I lived in Sydney I was very lucky to attend some performances of Sydney Dance Company. I loved these very innovative productions that combine contemporary dance, pop culture, fashion, visual and video arts. I will never forget „6 Breaths“, „we unfold“, „Mercury“, „Louder than words“. I can’t wait to see „Interplay“ in Zürich.

Rafael Bonachela. Photo by Ben Symons.jpgRafael Bonachela. Photo by Ben Symons

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Dance the cool robot!

HUANG YI zeigt am Tanzfestival STEPS einen poetischen Dialog zwischen Mensch und Roboter

Roboter sind auf dem Vormarsch. Sie nehmen uns zunehmend mehr Arbeit ab. Doch welche Beziehung haben wir zu Robotern? Was machen sie mit uns? Bedrohen sie unsere Arbeitsplätze? Ist künstliche Intelligenz am Ende besser als die menschliche?
Science-Fiction-Filme wie Inception und Star Wars faszinieren uns schon seit langer Zeit. Auch der oscarprämierte Film „Her“ hat 2013 Diskussionen ausgelöst, ob man eine Computerstimme lieben kann.

vlLiK5x1CD-rnmhYII3WjCiCk99TE7D9L97peEC643YEQejRd1HtuyRA_002.jpgFoto: Quelle STEPS

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11 Things You Should Stop Saying To Dancers

Dancers hear a lot of annoying things on a regular basis. Sometimes it gets hard to just grin and bear it without offering a sassy response. Just in case you know a dancer, here are 11 things we are sick of hearing (so stop saying them).

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Royal Ballet Live am 26. Januar im Kino

Ballets: Rhapsody / The Two Pigeons


A celebratory showpiece set to sweeping music by Rachmaninoff – Frederick Ashton’s ballet is a tribute to virtuoso dance.

Dancers: Natalia Osipova and Steve McRae

The Two Pigeons
Ashton’s two-act ballet on the nature of love is a masterpiece of gentle humour and pathos.

Dancers: Lauren Cuthbertson, Vadim Muntagirov, Laura Morera

More information: Website Royal Ballet London and local cinema