Highlights for Ballet Lovers

It is time now to thank all of you who support, follows, like and comment on my posts. It has been 4 years since I started my blog and it is growing fast. I feel incredibly grateful for that and looking forward to another wonderful year with plenty of great ballet and dance performances.

I am beginning to look for 2020 highlights in the ballet world. Do you have any idea? 

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Check out latest ballet movies

CATS will be back with a real prima ballerina!

„The new Cats movie famously features artists new to musical theater, from Royal Ballet principal Francesca Hayward to commercial dance sensations Les Twins to, you know, Taylor Swift.“ source dancemagazine.com.

Steven McRae, Principal Dancer of The Royal Ballet, has joined the cast of Universal Pictures in the role of Skimbleshanks.

Scheduled for release on December 20th 2019!

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Zum Ballett geprügelt…

und trotzdem zum Ballett-Superstar aufgestiegen!

Yuli – ein bemerkenswerter Film über die ergreifende Lebensgeschichte des Profitänzers Carlos Acosta.

Als Kind liebte er Breakdance und hasste Ballett. Sein grosses Vorbild war der Fussballer Pelé. Aber sein Vater, ein LKW-Fahrer, erkannte das grosse Talent seines Sohnes und steckte ihn unbarmherzig in die staatliche kubanische Ballettschule.

Der Rest ist Ballettgeschichte – Carlos Acosta wird der erste schwarze Romeo beim renommierten Royal Ballet London und begeistert die Welt.

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Dancing with a broken foot – is it even possible?

Interview with Valentino Zucchetti, First Soloist in Royal Ballet London

What does a ballet dancer do when he breaks his foot mid-performance? Accept calamity? Or just carry on regardless?

I was lucky to talk to Valentino about his major injury in his debut of Espada on Don Quixote. Hear more about the swaggering Espada in Carlos Acosta’s celebrated production Don Quixote.

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The Winners are…

Prix de Lausanne 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the Prix de Lausanne 2019! Great job! We wish all these young talented dancers the very best for the future.

This prestigious international dance competition is a significant springboard for the career of dancers today. Many former prize winners like Steven McRae (2003), Maria Kochetkova (2002), Alina Cojocaru (1997) are now leading stars in the ballet world.

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