TOP 10 Classical Ballet Companies

Top of the Ballet World

All rankings are subjective but first in mind I am thinking of the TOP 6  which have been internationally famous for decades and are the most common ones. These ballet companies are considered as such because they have a Ballet School, a repertoire,  a great corps, and have survived more than one director.

What do you think? Which company you love most?

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Love or Desire?

„Anna Karenina“ as a Ballet by 5 Famous Choreographers

Most people have heard of the movie “Anna Karenina”, starring Keira Knightley as the lead role, directed by Joe Wright and adapted by Tom Stoppard. Based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy, “Anne Karenina” is very popular in the ballet world right now. I have the feeling that every year brings a new interpretation of Tolstoy’s touching drama, all of which are different but all worth watching. Enjoy the trailers!
Please tell me which one you liked the most!

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Brutal Bolshoi – a film on the acid attack

Film lifts the curtain on infighting at the institution after an acid attack on its artistic director. The Calvert Journal reports – Source: The Guardian

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The film has been shown on HBO in the US. It was released on 8 January 2016 in Great Britain’s cinemas. Its premiere has not yet been announced for Germany and Switzerland.

Vorankündigungen Ballett in TV, Live Cinema und Steps Festival


Tanzen für Russland – die Welt des Bolshoi Balletts

auf Planet am 13.1. um 17.40 Uhr, am 15.1. um 6.00 Uhr, am 16.1. um 6.55 Uhr. am 17.1. um 8.05 Uhr und mehr

Die Reportage – Dokumentation über den Alltag von Balletttänzerinnen und -tänzern: Disziplin, Verzicht, hartes Training

auf Spiegel TV-Wissen am 15.1. um 9.20 Uhr

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