Struggling To Find Where I Fit In

DOCUMENTARY ABOUT Ella Havelka – The first Aboriginal Ballerina IN THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET

I just saw this movie on Amazon Prime and was totally fascinated of the outstanding artist, ballerina, choreographer and role model Ella Havelka.

‚I think my heritage gives me a unique understanding of the way movement works and the way in which it resonates within my body,‚ she said in a report by NITV.

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What Wilis Do in Quarantine😉

The Wilis have been through worst

This funny video of the Australian Ballet is worth watching. Most Ballet Lovers know the ultimate romantic classical ballet GISELLE. The second Act tells the legend about the Wilis, ghosts of young maidens who died of grief after their love was betrayed. Now Myrtha, the queen of the willis motivates them to do what they do best: Dancing Giselle – even in quarantine!

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#WorldBalletDay on 29 Oct 2020

A Must For all Ballet- and Dancelovers!!!

What a great program and variety!

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How to say I love you

How to communicate in a silent art form?

David McAllister, Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet, introduces us to the language of ballet mime. Learn how to convey anger, death and love.

Learn Decoding Mime

How does mime translate in ballet? The incomparable story ballet Giselle is a perfect way to delve into the beautiful tradition of ballet mime. Here’s how dancers can silently say everything from “I love you” to “Come here, and dance until you die.” – Text by the Australian Ballet.

The Secret of Fouette Turns

How can ballerinas do turns on pointe?

You’ve seen dancers do the 32 fouettés in Swan Lake, but why don’t they get dizzy? David McAllister, Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet, is here to teach us how to turn like a dancer. ©FB Australian Ballet

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