16 Amazing New Creations by Gauthier Dance

Eric Gauthier refuses to stand still

What an outstanding project created by Eric Gauthier! „The Dying Swan“ revisited in 16 new creations: 16 solos by 16 choreographers from all over the world, danced by the 16 dancers of Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart, with music by 16 componists, captured by 16 video artists: This is „The Dying Swans Project“.

How the project started

The initial spark for Eric Gauthier’s Dying Swan’s Project was ignited when Gauthier Dance’s extensive tour program in February and March fell victim to the extended lockdown. Eric Gauthier saw the increasing discouragement in the eyes of his dancers and he realized that he had to do something about it. His “dying swans” needed a new artistic challenge and so The Dying Swans Project was born! Small at first, but it was to get better. A few days later, Gauthier, himself a member of the “be a mover” community, was invited to a talk with Jörg Howe, Head of Global Communication at Daimler AG. When he shared his dream, Howe spontaneously offered him support.

Watch all terrific 16 choreographies here – coming consecutively!

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Becoming A Different Person On Stage

Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre James B. Whiteside

Learn more about incredible multi-talented James B. Whiteside who says „Ballet is dam hard“.

James Whiteside gives us a look inside the life of a professional ballet dancer. By In The Know on 25.02.2020
Meet James B. Whiteside, a professional ballet dancer, musical artist, drag queen, and so much more. Learn about his many dimensions and the state of modern ballet in this episode of In the Know Profiles.
Swan Lake – Isabella Boylston & James Whiteside on 08.10.2020 by the Cindies
ABT principal dancers Isabella Boylston & James Whiteside dance the „White Swan pas de deux“ from Swan Lake.
Ballet god James B. Whiteside serves up a raw dance performance by NOWNESS on 02.07.2020
Innovative vision, relentless passion, and four years of shooting and editing led to the creation of a cinematic exploration of dance from filmmaker and photographer Pasha (known as YOPOOSH). Death of a Teen Idol, as performed by American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside, forms part of the director’s wider Hotel Armada project, which captures the artistry of vogue, ballet and contemporary styles through energetic profiles of seventeen dancers…

CV by jamesbwhiteside.com



Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix

Long nights and lockdown are the perfect excuses to binge on some addictive TV. And for all dance lovers, Netflix’s new drama ‚Tiny Pretty Things‘ is just the treat we’ve all been waiting for!
This new 10 episode drama depicts the daily life of ballet students at an elite ballet academy in Chicago and is based on the book series of the same name, by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.


I’m ready to put all the energy I can to make sure the world of ballet can and will still flourish

Interview with Ksenia Ovsyanick, Principal Ballerina with Staatsballett Berlin and Guest Star with Polish National Ballet

„… my language is DANCE. And my mission is to make people see, feel and relate, open their minds and to take their breath away…“

Quote of Ksenia Ovsyanick on https://www.ksenia-ovsyanick.com/
Still Ready – Directed and Danced by Ksenia Ovsyanick & Johnny MacMillan 

You are an outstanding dancer and artist who is looking for new challenges. What inspires you?

I really believe in the art form of ballet and dance. Aesthetically, dramatically, physically, culturally it has so much to offer, so what drives me is the desire to tap into as much of its potential as possible and to share it with people, get others inspired from it and with that to appreciate it.

Tanzenden Stern* trailer
Preview of Video Art installation by Zdenek Konvalina – Dancer Ksenia Ovsyanick
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How Dancers Achive Automaticity?

The science of how dancers learn choreography

I found this amazing video of the Royal Ballet on Youtube and want to share it with you the science of how dancers learn choreography. What happens in the dancer’s brain? How does dance effect the brain?

The Royal Ballet Company loves to enriching people’s lives through ballet. It offers a lot for all ballet lovers, digital and learning platforms for young people and adults, international touring, ROH live cinema every season all over the world. Ballet production were regularly streamed online. In times of covid 19 the Royal Opera started a fanatic program for free to please all ballet fans.

Have a look:

It’s often said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert, but what happens in a ballet dancer’s brain when they learn choreography?
Royal Ballet dancer Gemma Pitchley-Gale is joined by neuroscientists, healthcare professionals and psychologists to find out how performers learn, and the techniques they can employ to improve their performance. ©Royal Ballet London

Source: Royal Opera House, 28.10.2019


Don Quixote – now and then

Compare these nine performances of Don Quixote Act 1 – pas de trois compilation 1960s-2010s Kirov/Mariinsky from 1960 to 2014. What do you think? Which one do you love the most?

Now & Then – Don Quixote Act 1 pas de trois compilation 1960s-2010s Kirov/MT
13.01.2016 © Navarre Brixen

Principal Dancers

1960s Budarin
1973 Nureyev
1983 Baryshnikov
1988 Ruzimatov
1990s Batalov
2006 Sarafanov
2008 Shklyarov
2013 Ermakov
2014 Kim

Photo on Top © kulturvideo.com

Free Live Streams of Ballets

Triple Bill „IMPULSE“ on 27th Feb 7.30 pm

Enjoy three World premieres of the young choreographers Bryan Arias, Craig Davidson und Juliano Nunes with the JUNIOR BALLET ZURICH live streamed out of Theater Winterthur! Free of charge! Available until April. Further information: www.opernhaus.ch/en/digital

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What Wilis Do in Quarantine😉

The Wilis have been through worst

This funny video of the Australian Ballet is worth watching. Most Ballet Lovers know the ultimate romantic classical ballet GISELLE. The second Act tells the legend about the Wilis, ghosts of young maidens who died of grief after their love was betrayed. Now Myrtha, the queen of the willis motivates them to do what they do best: Dancing Giselle – even in quarantine!

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Eric Gauthier: TANZ-Begeisterung schafft Begeisterte

„Ich will Menschen gut tun mit Tanz“ Hoffnung und Motivation im Lookdown

Eric Gauthier ist DER TANZBEGEISTERER. Fraglos ist er einer der beeindruckendsten Tänzer und innovativsten Choreografen weltweit. Was ihn aber ganz besonders macht, ist sein Elan und seine Kreativität, den Tanz als Kunstform, Aktivität und Inspiration möglichst vielen Menschen nahe zu bringen. Sein Motto lautet: Jeder Mensch kann tanzen. Tanzen macht glücklich. Gerne stelle ich Euch einige seiner aktuellen Projekte vor.

The Dying SwanS Project

Motivation im jetzigen verlängerten Lookdown schafft Eric Gauthier für seine Company Gauthier Dance mit diesem einzigartigen Vorhaben. Der „sterbende Schwan“ ist ein weltberühmtes Ballettsolo und bestens geeignet, die Botschaft „Kunst lässt sich nicht aufhalten“ zu verbreiten. 64 renommierte Künstler*innen aus den Sparten Tanz, Choreographie, Musik und Film konnten in kürzester Zeit begeistert werden. Das Tanzprojekt besteht ganz coronakonform aus 16 Solos – für jedes Company-Mitglied wird eine Neukreation geschaffen. Die Videoclips sind dann kostenlos auf den Social Media-Kanälen des Theaterhaus Stuttgart und Gauthier Dance abrufbar. Der Probenstart hat gerade begonnen. Ich werde weiter darüber berichten.

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Free Live Streaming of Winterreise by Ballet Zurich on 13 Feb

Watch this unique ballet of Christian Spuck

On Saturday, 13 February, THE BALLET ZURICH finally return to the stage: The revival of «Winterreise» staged by ballet director Christian Spuck, which was awarded the renowned «Prix Benois de la Danse» in 2019, will be broadcast live from Opernhaus Zürich at 7 pm!

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