Life itself inspires all my work

Interview with Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company by Evi Hock, creator of

Sydney Dance Company is coming to STEPS DANCE FESTIVAL in Switzerland

When I lived in Sydney I was very lucky to attend some performances of Sydney Dance Company. I loved these very innovative productions that combine contemporary dance, pop culture, fashion, visual and video arts. I will never forget „6 Breaths“, „we unfold“, „Mercury“, „Louder than words“. I can’t wait to see „Interplay“ in Zürich.

Rafael Bonachela. Photo by Ben Symons.jpgRafael Bonachela. Photo by Ben Symons

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Dance the cool robot!

HUANG YI zeigt am Tanzfestival STEPS einen poetischen Dialog zwischen Mensch und Roboter

Roboter sind auf dem Vormarsch. Sie nehmen uns zunehmend mehr Arbeit ab. Doch welche Beziehung haben wir zu Robotern? Was machen sie mit uns? Bedrohen sie unsere Arbeitsplätze? Ist künstliche Intelligenz am Ende besser als die menschliche?
Science-Fiction-Filme wie Inception und Star Wars faszinieren uns schon seit langer Zeit. Auch der oscarprämierte Film „Her“ hat 2013 Diskussionen ausgelöst, ob man eine Computerstimme lieben kann.

vlLiK5x1CD-rnmhYII3WjCiCk99TE7D9L97peEC643YEQejRd1HtuyRA_002.jpgFoto: Quelle STEPS

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Stunning Kristina Shapran and Sergei Polunin

Enjoy this beautiful video. Wait a bit until it starts!

Have a great long weekend!

On July 2013 George Harvey and Garage Magazine invited ballet dancers Sergei Polunin and Kristina Shapran to create an unrehearsed improvisation to Satie’s Gnossienne No1.

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TOP 10 Best Contemporary Choreographers

STEPS Contemporary DANCE FESTIVAL in Switzerland is presenting famous choreographies from 7. April to 1 May 2016 over 90 events in 40 stages

When I saw the program for this Dance Festival I started to think about my TOP 10 famous contemporary Choreographers. It is difficult to say what I love most and what I have seen lately which, which is uppermost in my mind.

Sydney Dance.jpgSydney Dance Company/ Interplay

As Contemporary dance is an art, it is judged by each person in a subjective way. This means that what one person perceives as ‚the best‘ might not be ‚the best‘ for another one.

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Do you know who the women on the 50 Swiss Franc note is?  Do you anything about DADA?

Well, that lady is Sophie Taeuber Arp, a Swiss artist and contemporary dancer who was performing in DADA -costumes at the opening night of DADA in Caberet Voltaire in 1916. She has been studying dance with Mary Wigman at Rudolf von Laban choreographic training center in Zurich where she learned about a radical modern form of expressive movement art. She always wore handmade cubism-like masks to cover her face, as she was a professor at a Zurich Art School.


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Winners 2016 of Prix de Lausanne

The jury was made up of 9 internationally renowned dance professionals, chaired by Mr Julio Bocca, former Principal of American Ballet Theatre, New York and director of the Ballet Nacional Sodre, Uruguay.  Congratulations to all winners. They did a great job.

The 7 Prix de Lausanne 2016 prize winners are:

adveq 126 Hang YU, 16 years old, China


Beau-Rivage Palace 307 Madison YOUNG, 17 years old, USA

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Ballet Star Sergei Polunin: Intimate Prodigy

The James Dean of the Ballet WorldSergei Polunin was decribed by Daily Telegraph in 2012. He quit the Royal Ballet in London sensationally and stopped his golden carreer by himself. Enjoy to see him dancing in „Take me to church“, by Hozier, directed by David LaChapelle.


Article in the guardian from February 2015 von Judith Mackrell

Sergei Polunin dances with his demons to Hozier’s Take Me to Church
David LaChapelle captures the Ukrainian dancer’s battle to make peace with his talent – and in another viral video, Baryshnikov partners Lil Buck

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