When to clap at a ballet performance

It‘s tricky to figure out the right time to clap at a ballet. First-time goers are often concerned about embarrassing themselves by being the only one to clap. While you would never consider clapping in the middle of a symphony, at a ballet it is completey acceptable to clap throughout the performance to show your excitement and encourage the ballet dancers. Ballet ettiquette is also dependant on culture. For example, at the Bolchoi Theatre, it‘s a tradition to clap long, loudly and wildly.

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Zeitgenössischer Tanz fürs grosse Publikum

12 Compagnien auf 36 Bühnen in 31 Schweizer Städten

30jähriges Jubiläum des Schweizer Tanzfestival Steps vom 12. April bis 5. Mai 

Wenn Tänzer 3.5 Tonnen Lehm vertanzen und asiatische Begrüssungsrituale zelebriert werden, dann ist Steps Zeit. Das berühmte Tanzfestival des Migros-Kulturprozent präsentiert ein einzigartiges Programm. International gefragte Companien touren durch die ganze Schweiz von Altdorf bis Vevey.

Ein absolutes Muss für alle Tanzbgeisterte!


Diese Compagnien sind dabei:

  • Cie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker, Schweiz
    Speechless Voices*, Choreografie: Cindy Van Acker
  • Compagnie Wang Ramirez, Frankreich/Deutschland EVERYNESS*, Choreografie: Honji Wang, Sebastien Ramirez
  • Faso Danse Theatre, Burkina Faso/Mali
    Simply The Best West Africa*, Choreografie: Fatoumata Bagayogo, Adonis Nebié, Florent Nikiema
  • Gauthier Dance/Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Deutschland
    Stream, Choreografie: Mauro Bigonzetti, Andonis Foniadakis, Itzik Galili, Eric Gauthier, Po-Tcheng Tsai, Nadav Zelner
  • GöteborgsOperans Danskompani/Eastman, Schweden/Belgien Noetic, Icon*, Choreografie: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Beitragsfoto)

Goeteborg_Gal2_940x620_Icon  Mats Baecker.jpg

Foto: Icon © Mats Baecker

  • Jeon Misook Dance Company, Südkorea Bow, Choreografie: Jeon Misook

Misook_Gal1_940x620_Bow  Gunu Kim.jpg
Foto: Bow © Gunu Kim

  • Kidd Pivot, Kanada
    Betroffenheit, Choreografie: Crystal Pite
  • L-E-V/Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, Israel Love Chapter 2*, Choreografie: Sharon Eyal
  • Maqamat Dance Theatre, Libanon
    Beytna, Choreografie: Koen Augustijnen, Moonsuk Choi, Omar Rajeh, Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Hiroaki Umeda
  • Nederlands Dans Theater 2, Niederlande
    I New Then, Choreografie: Edward Clug, Johan Inger, Sol Leon & Paul Lightfoot, Hans van Manen
  • Stopgap Dance Company, Grossbritannien The Enormous Room, Choreografie: Lucy Bennet
  • Take Off! Die Schweizer Tanzbachelors, Schweiz
    Take Off!*, Choreografie: Itzik Galili, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Fabrice Mazliah, Jasmine Morand, Michael Schumacher

Kommentar von SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI zu seinen Erfahrungen mit STEPS

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui_460x295  Mats Baecker.jpg

Not only has the nationwide network of Steps allowed and encouraged me as an artist to present my work to a large-scale Swiss audience, but without its support, some of my signature works, like “Babel(words)”, “Milonga”, “Fractus V” and “Icon”, would not exist. I’ve been privileged to know Isabella Spirig, artistic director of Steps, for about 10 years. She has followed my journey as an artist and given me valuable feedback throughout many creations. Foto: Mats Baecker

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Alle Programminfos

Foto: Icon © Mats Baecker

A unique experience for each person

News of Sydney Dance Company: Interview and Tour dates

Don’t miss the European Spring Tour 2018

See the terrific triple bill of Rafael Bonachela’Lux Tenebris, Cheng Tsung-lung’s Full Moon and Gabrielle Nankivell’Wildebeest at Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot, Paris, at the Belgrade Dance Festival in Serbia, at Cankarjev Dom Cultural and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in Germany at the Movimentos Festival, Wolfsburg.

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Getanzte Betroffenheit

Performance-Strategin Crystal Pité mit 2 Stücken in Zürich

Das Tanzfestival Steps zeigt das Sensations-Stück BETROFFENHEIT von Crystal Pité und Jonathon Young. Der Tod des eigenes Kindes ist das Thema – eine Grenzerfahrung, die unter die Haut geht. Getanzt von der Compagnie KIDD PIVOT am 28.4. in Zürich und am 2.5. in Fribourg.

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The Quantum Ballerina

Congratulations to Merritt Moore for Making FORBES „30 under30“

WOW! What an achievement. Not only has Merritt Moore made it onto the Forbes list this year, but she is also the one and only active ballerina with a PhD in quantum physics from Oxford University!

Merritt shared her secrets as a physicist on pointe – “I really do think it’s made me a better dancer to have done physics and a better physicist to have done dance. You need the creative brain in the lab to think of new ideas, and you need the analytic brain in the dance studio to figure out your center of mass.”

I was lucky to get an interview with her. So enjoy these five questions for the Quantum Ballerina!

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Contemporary Dance at it‘s best!

A Sydney Dance Company Rehearsal

I was lucky to watch a rehearsal at Sydney Dance Company, one of the world‘s strongest forces in contemporary dance. It was the first run after the summer break, prior to starting their tour to South America.

I immediately noticed the amazing diversity of dancers. One young, tall, lean dancer in particular caught my attention during the warm up, doing such incredible stretches it seemed he had no bones at all.

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