Erstaufführung am 12. Oktober 2019 im Opernhaus Zürich- Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern

„Try to like it!“ Diese humorvolle Empfehlung gab der Komponist Helmut Lachenmann dem Publikum bei der Einführungsmatinee im September. Als ich das erste Mal die Musik hörte, war ich zugegebenermassen skeptisch, ob diese Geräuschmusik überhaupt balletttauglich ist. Christian Spuck ist der allererste Choreograf, der sich an dieses avantgardistische Musiktheater wagt.


Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse ….

Open Rehearsal of the Junior Ballet Zürich

As we all know a lot of rehearsals are needed before the ballet dancers are ready to perform on stage. Usually it takes weeks before the opening night.

Applying corrections and giving feedback is the task of the ballet master. He is a guide for the dancers to develop technically and artistically. Some critiques can be fixed immediately, but most take time, concentration, and hard work to improve and achieve perfection.

Open Rehearsal by Ballet Master Daniel Otevrel on 21 September 2019
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Insights: How do Ballet Dancers start the Day?

The Daily ritual of A morning class

Ballet Zurich shows us at the opening party „everybody dances“ last weekend how all ballet dancers start with exercises in the morning. That is their workout every single day – 6 days a week -to warm up to get ready for a day of rehearsals.

Public Morning training of Ballet Zurich on 21st September 2019

The morning class starts at 10 am and takes 75 minutes. It has 2 parts:
1.Warm up at the barre, exercise and stretch, doing plies, tendus, etc strengthening all parts of the body, getting the flexibility and coordination.

  1. This is a full workout with balancing, turns and jumps.
    Great performance demands stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination – and that only comes with incredibly long hours in the studio – day in day out.

This session is led by ballet master Jean-François Boisnon, the live piano accompaniment is by Christophe Barwinek. Dramarurge Michael Küster and Ballet Master Daniel Otevrel are talking about what is going on.

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Giselle at Teatro alla Scala

Spectacular Ballet performance!

Watching GISELLE at La Scala di Milano was always a dream of mine. The Ballet Company of Teatro alla Scala is one of the oldest and most renowned ballet companies in the world, founded at the inauguration in 1778.

I was lucky to see two of the world’s most glamorous Ballet Stars on stage Svetlana Zakharova, Prima Ballerina from Bolshoi in Moscow and Étoile of Teatro alla Scala, together with her elegant partner David Hallberg from the American Ballet Theatre. That is a very special treat for all ballet lovers.

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My Favorite Ballet Couples

The Art of Partnering

Most ballets are love affairs. Two dancers tell the love story with such commitment and passion that the audience feels as if their love is real. It feels like two human hearts beat in a single time. Ballet lovers are fascinated by long-term dance partnerships.

Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev were certainly the most-loved ballet partnership of all time.

What makes a great dance couple today? It needs more than trust, empathy and respect to create extraordinary partnering. Please tell me your experience?

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Ballettsaison 2019/2020 startet

Jetzt Tickets bestellen!

Nach der langen Sommerpause freue ich mich auf die kommende Ballettsaison. Jetzt bin ich dabei, die Highlights der nächsten Saison zu entdecken. Ab September gibt es wieder viele sehenswerte Ballettaufführungen.

Hier meine TOP 3 Vorschläge:

GISELLE von Akram Khan

Total neu erzählt und modern choreografiert von Akram Khan.
18. – 28. September 2019 Sadler’s Wells

Mehr dazu:

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The Incredible 180 Degree Extensions of Ballet Dancers

Ballerinas legs higher and higher

Isn’t it amazing that ballerinas kick up their legs higher? The postures of ballerinas nowadays have become increasingly vertical. Comparing to the past it is obvious that the angle of a ballerina’s working leg increased to 180 degrees – in very modern pieces even more…..

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