I try to be distinctive and true to myself on stage

Interview with Daniel Mulligan, Soloist at Ballet Zurich

First of all, congratulations on your nomination as a brilliant Mephisto by Dance Europe!

You have been with the Ballett Zurich for 11 years. What were the most important steps of your career?

The first job which was offered to me after ballet school was a contract with the Junior Ballet in Zurich in 2007. Heinz Spoerli, the ballet director at that time, pushed me quite a lot and gave me some good opportunities and small roles. After 2 years I was offered a position as „Gruppe mit Solo“ in the main company which means being a dancer in the Corps de Ballet of Ballet Zurich with some solo roles. I was very surprised that Heinz Spoerli appreciated me that much.

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How Ballerinas Customize Their Pointe Shoes

A big Deal for every Ballerina!

As we all know breaking in new shoes is hard work. Pointe shoes must be broken in to reach the perfect state. Many ballerinas destroy their brand new pointe shoes even before dancing in them.

Each ballerina has her own routine how to customize the fit and support her dancing style. Hours were spent on scraping, ripping, crushing, sewing, and burning, only to end up with a shoe that is uniquely tailored to the ballerina.

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Ballerina in Sabbatical

Interview with Eléonore Guérineau – a temporary member at Ballet Zurich.

After 13 years of being a sujet in the Ballet of the Paris Opéra, Eléonore Guérineau has taken a year off to further develop her expertise.  Now, Ballet Zurich has offered her a contract as a soloist, with her first performance, “WINTERREISE” premiering 13th October 2018.

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Modern Dance at its best!

Premiere in Zürich: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 

Das weltberühmte Ensemble aus New York City begeisterte das Publikum mit sensationellen, modernen Stücken wie STACK-UP, MASS und ELLA sowie dem weltweit bekannten Klassiker REVELATIONS. Vier vollkommen unterschiedliche Choreografien – allen gemeinsam der afro -amerikanische Spirit.

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TOP 15 Greatest Dance Movies

What is your favorite dance movie?

Dance Movies are always fun. Thinking of my favorite ones it is very difficult to say which I like the most. There are so many kinds of Dance Movies around, from the classical masterpiece with Gene Kelly „Singing in the Rain“, some sweet 80s dance movies like „Flashdance“, to the more modern street dancing movies like the Step up street dance battle.

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How pointe shoes are made

The secret inside of pointe shoes    

No, they are not made out of wood, and there is no steel in the flat tip! The tip is made of densely packed layers of fabric, cardboard and/or paper hardened by glue. Being extremely sturdy makes it possible to balance the entire weight of the ballerina’s body on a small platform. The rest of the shoe consist of materials such as leather, cotton and satin. The right and the left shoe are identical.

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Legendäre Tanzcompanie kommt endlich wieder nach Zürich

Leidenschaft, Energie und Lebensfreude pur!

Legendär, weil das Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

  • die erste erfolgreiche afroamerikanische Tanzcompanie überhaupt war,
  • eine eigene Tanzsprache mit Elementen aus Ballett, Modern Dance und Streetdance geschaffen hat und
  • mit Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Hiphop und Funk untermalt.
AAADT-the-winter-in-lisbon-foto-03-credit-t-woodThe Winter in Lisbon / © T. Wood

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