It’s Nutcracker Season

The Nutcracker is the money making machine for ballet companies

Do you know that about half of the worldwide productions of THE NUTCRACKER will be performed in the United States? It is without question the most popular ballet in the US. For many families it has been a much loved tradition to go to see this beautiful classical ballet with all 3 generations of family just before Christmas.

I read an article last year in The Economist which stated that this ballet can generate up to 45% of a ballet company’s annual revenue in America. So THE NUTCRACKER, as beautiful as it is, is actually a cash cow which is really needed by most of the ballet companies as a reliable stream of income. 

So I just googled about what’s going on in December 2021. Almost every US ballet company as New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Miami City Ballet, Houston Ballet, San Francisco and Boston Ballet perform THE NUTCRACKER throughout the winter season.

In Europe, there are many different versions of this famous Christmas ballet. I found amazing choreographies such as John Neumeier’s Nutcracker in Hamburg, Peter Wright’s gorgeous production for The Royal Ballet London and Wayne Eagling version with the English National Ballet.

If you can’t make it to see a live performance on stage, there are some other great options to discover the enchantment story of a little girl who goes to the land of Sweets on Christmas Eve. 

Royal Ballet London in Cinema

Peter Wright’s gorgeous production for The Royal Ballet keeps true to the spirit of this Russian ballet classic, and the many solo roles and ensembles show the world-class skills of the Company at its best. See The Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker live in cinemas on 9 and 12 December 2021.

Watch The Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker LIVE in cinemas 9 and 12 December 2021 (Trailer

Find your nearest participating cinema: cinema://

Bolschoi Ballet in Cinema

On 19 December, Tchaikovsky’s holiday classic The Nutcracker will bring out a festive atmosphere in movie theaters. Experience the best of classical ballet in cinemas all over the world.

New York City Ballet on MARQUEE TV

For the first time in the Company’s history, there will be two ways to enjoy a New York City Ballet performance of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker®: live on our Lincoln Center stage, and from the comfort of your own home streaming on Marquee TV . The stream will be available starting on November 26, when we open live performances, and both run through January 2.

Head to to stream the ballet beginning Friday, November 26. 7 day free trial for new subscribers!

Missed it on Christmas? Then you may have another opportunity until April!

The Nutcracker on TV

Unfortunately there is not a lot around this year, just on Classica I found The NUTCRACKER on 25th December at 2 pm danced by the Toulouse Ballet.

Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker Tour

The sweetest of all Matthew Bourne’s treats returns for the first time ten years; it’s a Nutcracker! For all seasons. Tour from November 2021 to April 2022

THE NUTCRACKER – The cash cow

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I danced ballet as child, albeit with little success. Despite this, my passion for ballet and dance has carried into adulthood. I still love to watch ballet performances and would love to share my passion with you.

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